Iconic Events of WWII

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Are you privileged to know a WW II Veteran?  You are blessed, few of us are.  Do you vaguely remember hearing of the war from relatives or news reports?  In either case many understand very little of this event that changed our life & our world.
John Pekarcik of Sharon can give you WW II perspectives to include the Battle of the Bulge, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust, Stalingrad, Iwo Jima, Churchill & Roosevelt, Rosie the Riveter, rationing & blackouts.  Thursday, April 25, 7 PM at Emmanuel UCC, 6656 Center Rd in downtown Valley City.  Admission & Parking (behind church) are free.  Call 330 483 3038 for info.  Sponsored by the Liverpool Twp. Historical Society as one in our series of programs to provide fascinating history for area residents.