Virtual Frog Jump 2020!

Category: Community Events

July 7, 2020
Valley City, Ohio – The Valley City Community Group is proud to continue its presentation of the Valley City Frog Jump! The Group is sponsoring the COVID 2020, VALLEY CITY, VIRTUAL FROG JUMP.  After 58 years of frog jumping in Valley City, we are forced by our trying times to present number 59 with virtual participation in 2020.

During these trying times and numerous cancellations, we’re hoping to inject some fun and lightheartedness into the Summer of 2020. Have some fun with us by inviting family and friends to record their jumps.  Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be from Valley City. Be funny, be creative, and be SAFE. Wash your hands, maintain safe social distance, and wear a FROG MASK!

For full information please visit the Valley City Community Group’s web page by clicking here.