Facility Rental and Event Calendar

The community is permitted to rent the following buildings:

Community Center Old Town Hall Mill Stream Park Pavilion
Community Center Old Town Hall Park Pavilion
6801 School St.

 Cafeteria seats 75

Cafeteria (seats 75)


Inside concession stand

6703 Center Rd.

Downstairs Old Town Hall


Inside concession stand

1241 Maple St.

Upstairs Old Town Hall

Upstairs Old Town Hall

Inside concession stand


Reservation Information, Forms,  and Costs:

Reservation Info and Forms including cemetery regulations.

When reserving the Concession Stand at the Park, use the regular Community Center/Town Hall reservation form and under “Facility Requested”, enter “Concession Stand”.

When planning your next event, please refer to the calendar below for confirmed reservations. Please contact David Boettner at: dboettner@liverpooltwp.org to reserve a township facility. This calendar is for information purposes only and does not guarantee availability and is subject to change.